Fender Holster


Fender Holster holds your fenders in place on the dock.  It provides your boat the best defense against “bumps and bruises” by allowing you to precisely position your fenders at points on the dock where dock and boat might connect.

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  • Secured in Place: Fenders can be placed either on top or on the sided of the dock by stainless steel screws drilled through 4 Nickle plated grommets.
  • Horizontally Locked: Fenders lock horizontally into the holster using rugged adjustable polyester straps at either end of the holster and 2 heavy duty releasing buckles.  These will not move once in place.
  • Built to Last: Premium materials and fabrics ensures the durability and longevity of the Fender Holster.
  • Say Goodbye To Rope: Fenders tied in place by rope allows for movement along the dock.  And movement when the fender and boat make contact.
  • Tucked Away: Seasons over, remove the fender and roll up the Fender Holster until next season.