Our Story

We are a couple of avid boaters, who have been known to put in more hours in one season, then most put in, in a few years. One of us likes to “captain”; the other likes to take in the sites and soak up the sun! If you’re like us, your boat is your home away from home and you want to care for it and keep it running and as pristine as possible. The fender holster started with one man (and his wife), in a one-bedroom New York City apartment; an industrial strength sewing machine and yards of fabric and hardware. Our living/dining area was quickly converted into a mini production line. The idea was fueled by the desire to create a piece using fenders that protect your boat while stationary and are at the correct height and location when entering your slip; all the while eliminating the stress of dropping your fenders and tying them at the correct position upon returning from your glorious venture out on the water. Because boating should be relaxing, enjoyable and fun! You should end the day, just as it started. The fender holster gives you that peace of mind.